yes it seems summer has really kicked in, in london! as well, i might as well announce it: I have moved blogsite, and will now blog my post on:


follow me here for SUNNY SUNday post and more! :)

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Hot time, summer in the city

love these days in london, its hitting the 30s and its just lovely! hope everyone is enjoying a sunny summer saturday x

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sometimes you wake up, and you realise that life is just beautiful. thats it. thats today. thats everyday, if you let it. x

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a month of instagram

its been a beautiful month x
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winter wonderland

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glimpse into our home

home is where the heart is, and i heart this place x
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moving soon

so i am super excited about everything that has to do with interior,  and nothing to do with clothes and shoes!? what? yep forgotten. lamp did you say? wool blanket did i hear? what bathrug do we get? beige or white pillows, or both? stacking recrods, or putting them in boxes? boxes, do we need new boxes? (google search boxes..end up at:! do we need a new chair, already have one, a new one would be so nice, probably not a good idea, oh wait an old rocking chair (ebay: rocking chairs), microwave..what to do with the microwave, its so ugly yet so practical, yes ryan i guess we need to have it out and not hidden away in the storage only to be taken out for usage…oh! candles and pots?!  go for the messy look or the tidy look, mix of colours and life, or neutral decor?drawers and bins, yes i am super excited about bins!

aaah..moving, exciting times! x
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inciting incident

gets u hooked x
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all boys club

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SUNday inspo

i love october
 travel always in style
   so small yet so beautiful
sunday hair
cuddle up
love it
awesome shoes
enjoy ur sunday x


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saturday outing

i love unexpected late summer days, with a dash of love and nature x
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some kind of thursday

lianne la havas at village underground, london
love life x
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A fairytale holiday

 crete, love, life, heaven on earth x
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a beautiful soul

my other half, my sister x
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Levi’s 501 cut offs

a true favourite all year long, but i especially love them during
 summer.. it goes with everything and it makes every outfit look
effortlessly cool and chic. who made this super chilled pair of
shorts into a summer hottie? i think the pictures
speak for themselves...
ah my faithful friend, my levis 501 x
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Superga lover


My love for Superga sneakers started in 2009 (only about 96 years later than when it was first founded..). And it was a love to grow stronger than any love before..

I have always liked sneakers, be that the odd adidias  superstar sneaker we all wore in the early 2000s ::::::::the over used and abused converse sneakers ( I think at one point I had 9 different styles! OMG):::: :::. I also had a brief period following Keds :::  ::: and Vans ::: ::: but they never really did it for me like my hots for Converse did.

That was till I met the Superga sneaker. More European than vans, more robust than converse, more rough than keds. Superga was the Italian flirt, just waiting for me to fall in love with its charms and wits. And fall in love I did.  I sort of knew of them previous to my visit to Firenze, Italy, in the hot and steamy summer of 2009, but when I came to the land of its origin, my needs really took over. I went into a vintage shop and I found them. The golden shoes. Literally.

I wore them from that day on. And I loved them.

They were not really a big hit in the UK though, or at least people weren’t really wearing them. Except for Italians perhaps. Then 2011 happens, and Alexa Chung is chosen to be the new face of Superga.

And an epic shoe, becomes an English hero. Hello London, they are everywhere. And I love it. I have come to acquire a pair of pinks that I brought of e-bay and they are a huge hit in my closet.

..They go with everything this season. Yes my superga love affair has only just begun, and I do believe they are the coolest sneaker out there atm. And thanks to Alexa, they are now also sexy.

obsessed x

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Hot and Cold

February in pictures x

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A wonderful week in pictures

An adorable little boy, Eza Aiden

I love you Sarah Deen

Cheese, cheese and more cheese

enjoyed at

Borough Market

Cote, just wonderful food

a beautiful girl

tasty Fastelavens boller..

daily inspiration

the day of love

only a truly great boyfriend will wake a girl up with this kind of breakfast (GOD IM LUCKY!)

a sparkling day

AND! I found it, the leopard coat!


Have a great Sunday x

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a room in rome


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A snowy Rome fairytale

A morning view from the beautiful Trastevere hotel we stayed at

a world without cars, is a world were people will be free to go where they will

margarita pizza indulgence

valentino cravings

only in Italy, even in snow

there is a bond between sisters, connected by love, always, and forever, despite and because of anything and everything

enjoy rome, enjoyed by the pasha xx

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Hunting leopards

So I never jumped on the leopard coat hype, even though I sort of kinda liked it. I just did not consider a leopard FAUX coat. But then I was just spending my day on ebay, looking for nothing and everything….AND it happened…a super cool leopard coat…..AI how cool I would look in that, a thought told me in my head. But it was expensive, and it was sold for way more than it was worth a few hours later.

I left it. I thought, oh well, never really wanted one ANYWHO!

But..minutes went, hours was spent, a few days later all I could think of was how great my life would be if I only had a leopard faux coat..

Be it chilled, be it fancy, be it cold or a little warmer, the leopard coat would be a solid choice. So, I faced no other choice but to go back to ebay and try my luck…

Nothing happened for a while, not my size, too fugly, too expensive..THEN! then it happened….I saw, I bid, I bought! 20 pounds over my wishing price, but as the seconds count down, and the tension rise, and the thought of loosing is boiling like crazy in your blood and nerves, I WON! I WON MOHAHAHA I WON!

Ah the bliss, the happiness, the new wonderful life me and my faux leopard coat  were about to begin!

Then. the. email. came. You. did. not. win.this.object.

What object i thought?










My heart was broken. My urge, need, hunger for a leopard coat suddenly took a new form. A desperate form. MY thought obsessed. MY life was now only leopard faux coat.

Yet, I have to find my perfect one. Yet, I am searching..

Soon I shall go to Rome. All roads lead to Rome. And there I shall find it. And also, a perfect vintage Chanel bag for no more than a 100 euros. OH THE JOY!


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our london x

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 trick or treat..




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Modern slavery

Yesterday, 18th October, was Anti-Slavery Day in the UK. There are an estimated 280 million people living as slaves today world wide. That is more than it was put all together throughout the Atlantic slave trade that lasted 350 years!

It is harder though to spot a modern slave. They don’t work in farms or are called by demeaning public names. Or perhaps they are. Today slaves are the so called beggars, whores and thugs, the people we try not to have eye contact with when we pass them on streets. These slaves are subjects to human trafficking, one of the worlds biggest businesses, illegal of course. They are masters to their ‘employers’, are paid little or nothing, and live in slave like conditions. They have usually been tricked into the situations they are in, by some cold-hearted person promising them a better future in a land beyond.  We call them a problem for society; we should be calling them a result of a troubled world.

Wealthy families, political parties or governments that by threat of violence force people to work are another form of modern slavery labour. Early or forced marriage is also considered slavery, where the girl has no choice to which she marries and is forced to live as a servant, rather than an equal partner.

Some people are born into slavery, either by a debt the previous generations has ‘yet’ to pay back, or by being a part of a specific group in society, someone more prestigious considers less worthy, others are forced to be soldiers in a war they don’t believe in, when they are as young as 11.

But there is also the old slavery. People are still being sold and bought, even in the UK, as slaves to work for families and perform any duties they might wish. People are still being kidnapped and forced to work without any pay and under threat by their ‘masters’, often in a country far from home. In the UK children, women and men are today living as slaves in families, but the numbers are underestimated. Politicians wish to know little about it, and children whom sometimes manages to be freed from their captivity, is more often than not, stolen back from social services, and delivered back to their ‘masters’.

A recent report made by BBC called that at least 400 children kidnapped from Africa had been trafficked to the UK during the last 4 years, purportedly for witchcraft purposed.

The people who sleep out on streets might be people who have run from slavery, the boy who shoplift might be a innocent boy trafficked from Lithuania or Africa or somewhere else, and forced by violent means to steal. The women who sell her body on the corner by the pier, might have been a girl whom were loured with a better future from a troubled home or country, into a hellish life where men abuse her. Over and over and over again.

It is time to stop SLAVERY. Please visit, to see what YOU can do to get one step closer to ending something that has been illegal since 1833!

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Free Tibet

Tibet has been in existence for over 3000 years. Until 1950, when the People’s Liberation Army of China invaded Tibet, it had been an independent nation. Today, Tibet is facing near extinction.

Tibet has always been defined by being a uniquely peaceful nation, being dominated by the religion or way of life, of Buddhism. For over 60 years Tibet has tried peacefully to force China to withdraw from the nation, through methods such as diplomacy and non-violent activism. Many protests have been done, such as naked protests, self -affliction fires and more. In return, the Tibetan people have been slaughtered, jailed and tortured for decades. To the Chinese government, Tibetans are considered second range citizens, and are abused and discriminated against daily. Yet, they refuse to fight back in violence due to their Buddhist beliefs, and are growing near extinction. The world needs to give attention to the Tibetan people, and governments’ needs to pressure China out of Tibet.

Tibet is one of the most grim and dire human rights violations in recent history. Not only are the citizen’s universal human rights being violated every day, but also their national independence, culture, environment and religion are being oppressed and destroyed. This limits every aspect of the average Tibetan life to the last margin, threatening not only their freedom of speech, but also their way of life, through what he or she eats, socializes or does.                                                                                                                                            The violence against the Tibetans includes civilians and children, they are being kidnapped, tortured and killed through the Chinese occupational powers with no sympathy or compassion.

There is neither historical backup nor an international right for the Chinese invasion and occupation. It is only a colonial authoritarian occupation that is far from wanted from the Tibetans.

More international pressure is needed to help Tibet. However, in a world confounded by a mounting economic crisis, where China is one of the few countries actually somewhat financially stable, pursuing and criticising its politics seems difficult for big corporations and governments. Instead of asking questions, taking moneys and bailouts is easier. But do we really want to live in a world in debt of a country that is one of the worst human rights abusers in the world?

Pressure, sanctions and demands are needed in this situation, and a growing awareness of China’s horrific history of human rights violations. Start with supporting the Free Tibet movement, and spread the word of this growing powerful country, before countries are too far in debt with China.

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